"7 Steps to Speaking-Driven Success"
Grow Your Reach and Revenue as a Thought-Leading Expert
SPECIAL CASE STUDY FORMAT: 7 Successful Speakers'
Best Strategies, Tactics & Tools Revealed...

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In this LIVE online training, you're getting:

  • How to build a solid foundation to make sure all your speeches, programs and services  are appealing and effective to get you in front of meeting planners, conference producers, association executives and corporate buyers

  • 5 keys to develop your unique message -- and reposition from "speaker" to "problem solver" PLUS how to pivot your expertise into new areas before it's too late

  • Goals, targets and focus to make sure you're spending your time, money, energy and bandwidth only on high-payoff MMA (money making activities) and NOT getting pulled off focus for any reason (goofy advice, confusion, inertia, wrong market, wrong buyers, broke prospects, small potatoes mindset, undercharging, etc.)

  • Strategic prospecting to help you develop your high-probability target list, create your "Obvious choice" documents, and use "live ammo" client feedback to get gigs

  • Tactical prospecting and how to powerfully reach out, connect, and engage corporate and association buyers who are looking for your exact expertise.
    Bonus: 5 proven outreach templates you can use right away to connect with decision makers FAST.

  • The sales mindset, skills, and tools you need to  help you sell more speaking, coaching, consulting, and products - more easily and more often, and without coming off like a pushy jerk ;o)

  • The secrets of sponsored speaking revealed and how to book 10x-20x your normal speaking  fee plus how to create your  "perpetual marketing plan" so that you get on track, stay on track for long-term success month after month and year after year

  • Get specific help, answers and advice on YOUR questions during our massive Q&A at the end!

David Newman, CSP

David Newman, CSP is the founder and CEO of Do It! Marketing.

As the go-to revenue growth mentor for thought-leading experts, David has helped over 500 speakers, consultants, coaches, and authors just like YOU boost your reach and revenue as an expert who speaks professionally.