High Fee Sales

How B2B consultants can sell smarter, avoid costly mistakes, and get better clients, bigger deals, and higher fees NOW

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David Newman, CSP
Founder of Do It! Marketing

What you're getting in this FREE deep-dive masterclass training:

  • How to do LESS marketing that generates MORE leads - and STOP the pointless social media monkey work and stop wasting time with non-buyers or the wrong buyers
  • Prospecting insights - the "who, what, where, and when" of high-fee prospecting success that lead to more, better, faster high-fee sales conversations that are far more likely to convert to "Yes"
  • Building a bulletproof sales process ONCE that you can use consistently to generate sales today, sales tomorrow, and a predictable flow of clients and cash month after month, year after year
  • Premium Sales Positioning and how to show up for your prospects as a peer, not a peddler, so that you have high-trust, high-confidence sales conversations from initial contact through signed contract
  • Tactical sales outreach that works, specific to business consultants and executive coaches, that prospects WILL respond to
  • PLUS you'll get specific resources, articles, links, and tools throughout the LIVE session to help you implement these revenue growth ideas RIGHT NOW. (You must show up LIVE to get the goodies!)

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