"High Fee Speaker Secrets"
How to build a seriously profitable
speaking-driven business

Catch The Replay!

In this masterclass, you're getting:

  • Case study: How non-celebrities turn their expertise into five-figure/month speaking-driven businesses, even if that seems totally out of reach right now

  • New rules for experts who speak: How to refocus from your speech to your value, your influence, and your impact on client/audience results

  • How to create, market, and monetize other profit centers built around the expertise you already have

  • How to command premium fees and stop selling your keynotes, seminars, and trainings for anything less than $4,500

  • Your clients' 7 hidden buying triggers: What do your buyers and audiences really want? Market these today and close more business

  • Key marketing and sales advice - including HOW MUCH to charge - to help you get booked more easily, more often, and at higher fees

  • How to do all this without feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, burned out, or doing the “marketing monkey work” that you hate!

David Newman, CSP

David Newman, CSP is the founder and CEO of Do It! Marketing.

As the go-to revenue growth mentor for thought-leading experts, David has helped over 500 speakers, consultants, coaches, and authors just like YOU boost your reach and revenue as an expert who speaks professionally.