What you will take away from this FREE masterclass: 

  • How to know exactly how much to charge for your speaking programs 
  • How NOT to overcharge, undercharge, or lose business because your fee is too high - OR too low!! 
  • How to confidently present, propose, and put your fee in perspective EVERY single time with no hesitation, embarrassment, or fumbling 
  • Avoiding pricing landmines: What are the biggest mistakes experts like you make when pricing your programs - and how YOU can avoid them
  • How to charge for objective economic value and earn more money without fear, uncertainty, doubt - and without caving on price ever again!
  • The exact scripting -- word-for-word -- to make sure your speaking fees are bulletproof so that you'll almost always earn what you deserve 
  • Get specific help, answers and advice on YOUR fee-setting and fee-getting questions during our massive Q&A at the end!