A special message from David Newman and Elvis...

Look, you know I love you, right? Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to send you this link and ask you to reconsider your options before this special offer expires. Review the web page below and if you agree, simply email me back.

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It's Now or Never

Below are four critical things to think about before making any final FINAL decision. Let's get on a quick call and decide together what works best for your exact situation and goals right now. For some clients, it's definitely about revenue. For others, it's much more about impact, less stress, fewer hours, more freedom, more flexibility - and more fun! Either way, these 4 things will be vital to your success:

Content to SOLVE - not to learn

You don't want to lose access to the on-demand library of training, templates, and tools that will help you close more deals with better clients at higher fees. Plus ongoing coaching to help you make good decisions FAST so you get results.

Rockstar Community

You think you'll "stay in touch" but chances are you won't. Harsh truth: once you leave, those friends will be less inclined to stay connected to you as they continue to accelerate and grow - but you don't.

Structure, Accountability, and Mentoring

It's all too easy to fall back into distraction, overwhelm, overthinking and under-performing. With support in your pocket 24/7/365, we won't let that happen to YOU with "just enough, just in time" advice to keep you on track and moving ahead.

Mindset, Conditioning,
and Ongoing Support

What will you do when things go wrong? How will you overcome revenue dips? Stay "in the gym" so that those muscles don't weaken and you don't slide backwards. We're here to support you at every step!

“David, I've been comfortable at 6 figures and now with your help, we're going to hit 7 figures. Every conversation with you is loaded with value. If you implement, you're going to make your money back almost immediately. I was under-charging and wrong-charging. Shifted my mindset and whole new vistas opened up.”

Adrian Davis, CSP - Whetstone Consulting

Let's Talk

No pressure - no weirdness. Just a heart-to-heart chat about what's really going on in your business, what's next (with us or without us), and how we might get you back in the saddle - or not - and then a chance to wish you well as you ride off into the sunset...

Book a time with me »

Can't find a time? Email me and I'll slot you in!