What you will take away from this master class: 

  • The 7-part stepwise formula that's turning our clients from commodity speakers to in-demand problem solvers while booking more engagements at consistently higher fees
  • A reliable, repeatable process that will allow you to get focused on your marketing, get into action on your sales, and start getting more and bigger checks in the door fast
  • Avoiding sales land mines: What are the biggest marketing and sales mistakes good speakers like you make when prospecting and closing - and how YOU can avoid them...
  • How to take a speaking lead from initial contact to signed contract without haggling, pressure, or caving on fees, even if you’re charging $5,000 - $7,500 - $12,500 speaking/training fees or more...
  • AND how to do all of this without doing any of the "marketing monkey work" that you hate.
  • Get help, answers & advice on YOUR biggest questions during our massive Q&A at the end!