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Push beyond your limits:

Are you ready to grow your solo consulting or executive coaching business so that you get better clients, bigger deals, and higher fees? Are you ready to scale your consulting business so that you get more freedom while helping more clients? Here's a glimpse of what you'll do:

  • Revitalize your lead generation to get better clients
  • Reboot your sales & marketing to land bigger deals
  • Reimagine your service offerings to earn higher fees

100% interactive & experiential:

Totally NOT a 3-day webinar! The Consulting Super Conference virtual event is filled with do-this-now strategies, tactics, and tools to support your long-term success. No theory, no fluff, no bull. You will get maximum results while leveraging your time and multiplying your income. You'll also get to network with like-minded, high achievers ready to grow their solo consulting or executive coaching business.

Replicate results. Not work.

If you're ready to make a bigger dent in the universe, and build a scalable, freedom-based B2B consulting or coaching business while increasing your impact and helping more clients, you are in the right place. Why do extra monkeywork when you could be growing your business? When you experience our methodology, training, and tools over these 3 days, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and end your marketing hassles, sales blocks, and frazzled busy-ness for good!

Day 1

Stabilized Marketing

We know that every solo consulting and executive coaching business is unique. We’ll work with you to create crystal-clear positioning, distinct messaging, and compelling offers to help you move from "nice to have" to "must have" status with your best prospects.

Day 2

Stronger Sales

Most solo consultants and executive coaches started the business because they love doing the WORK of the work, and they typically end up NOT loving the marketing and sales part. We'll show you how to get targeted leads, optimize your outreach, and build reliable conversion tools so that you move from sporadic to consistent sales success.

Day 3

Systematic Growth

We'll uncover your revenue multipliers, show you scalable leverage strategies, and help you build a trusted team around you. This is where the true potential for your business will really come to life. We’ll create your exact roadmap from incremental to exponential growth.

Hear from Past Participants:

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Process your exact issues, get answers, action steps, and insights during 1-1 hotseats


Connect, collaborate, and share ideas in small groups with your cohort of high achievers


"Do-this-now" training on how to market, price, and sell high-fee coaching & consulting


Get private coaching during the event with our amazing team to help you take action

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