What you will take away from this master class: 

  • What separates the top 1% of speakers from the others who struggle with feast-or-famine marketing, uneven revenue, and stop-and-go results
  • The SPECIFIC strategies, practices, and actions that will get you way better results whether you're making $5K a month or $50K a month right now
  • A simple structure that will allow you to get focused on your marketing, get into action on your sales, and start getting more and bigger checks in the door right now...
  • How to tune your "Speaker GPS" to find the right prospects using the right language who want to hire you for the right reasons - so that price becomes irrelevant
  • Simple hacks to boost your self-worth, install marketing discipline, boost sales focus, key questions to ask DAILY, plus smart habits to help you get bigger checks in the door more easily and more often
  • Get help, answers & advice on YOUR biggest questions during our massive Q&A at the end!